Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Our living room is our comfort zone. Since we live in a tiny place, we use our living room as our entertainment room too. On one side of our living room is where Andrea's box of toys. Andrea knows that after playing she has to return all her toys on one corner. As much as possible we want to make our living room as less cluttered as possible but somehow we seldom accomplish that. If you have a child as old as Andrea, I know you can relate to me. Toys are always everywhere. After you pick up everything, Andrea plays with another set of toys.

Our two couches in the living room has been very useful. It does not only serves as an ordinary couch but it is Andrea's favorite place to play with her cooking toys. She loves to line them up in our couch and pretends that she is serving us with some of her cooked food. Sometimes though, I wish we have leather couches because it will be easier for me to clean up when Andrea spilled something on it.

(My favorite leather couch)

In the future when we will have our own home, I will love to have reclining couches in our entertainment room. I bet that a reclining couch will be very comfy and will be ideal for our movie marathons.


chubskulit said...

Korek ka dyan MamiLu, mas madaling linisin kung sa leather ano.. hay naku ang couch namin laging may spilled juice or something, ang hirap linisin!

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Glenda said...

I love couches!!! hehehe

Us said...

Ka nindot ba ana nga couch himuon ug bed hehehe nya tan aw dayon ug TV ayyy kahayahay sa life.

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