Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Monday

Hello world....!!!!

I haven't updated my blog and I haven't visited my friends' blogs because I had a busy Monday today! We woke up the usual time and readied ourselves for today's schedules. First, we dropped off Dave's eyeglasses to our eye doctor's office. Dave's eyeglasses popped out last week so we have to have it fixed. After dropping the eyeglasses, we then went to Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. As part of Dave's work, he goes there to get "certificate of origin". We went with Dave because we wanted to see Kelly. To our amazement, Kelly doesn't work there anymore. It has been a long time since we went to Chamber of Commerce so we were kinda behind with the latest at Chamber of Commerce.

Few minutes after we got home, Mom Lori picked us up to go shopping! Our main purpose of our shopping trip is to look for Andrea's Halloween costume. Of course, we also bought something We end up buying almost a basket of goodies and more clothes for our baby girl. We found a really stylish boots for her too! I can't wait for Andrea to wear her Halloweeen costume.

On our way home, Andrea slept and she continued sleeping which gave me time to put up everything.... and then I cooked Roast Beef and Mushroom in Wine Sauce.... Sounds yummy eh? Watch out for the entry at my kitchen's blog.

Anyway, Thanks Mom... we had fun!


Dorothy L said...

Busy day for sure...I was tied just reading through your daily events. It is always those busy days that make us appreciate the slower ones :)

Us said...

Grabe ka busy sa mami, intawn may gani ky kaabot pa sa opps waaaaa. shopping galore na sd d i ka lulu. ako sd gni karn pa ka bisita always busy as in.

Jac said...

Na miss kita sis ako rin namn naging busy lol...Welcome back sa ating dalawa eheheh...

Dhemz said...

yikes.....tsk tsk tsk...sige lang man ka ug shopping mami woi...suya man sad ta sa imo permi....nya libre pa jud....yay!....hehehe

ka nice ni MIL woi....:)

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