Saturday, October 17, 2009

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture are very eye catching. It represents glamor, elegance and class. I couldn't blame why people get so addicted to buying antique furniture because antique furniture is more than a piece of furniture it is about history and the beauty of it. But for ordinary individual who cannot afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single furniture, buying antique reproductions is the solution.

At ELTE Furnitures, you can buy unique home furnishing items. I found this French walnut & pop burl writing desk which I think is very unique and elegant looking. This will be a perfect fit for a nice study room. What do you think of this desk?


shydub said...

Basta antique always the best for me ky antique mn sd gd ko.

Dhemz said...

hahhaha....kamuot man ko sa comment ni mami Shy....antik lagi pero! joke....ehhehehe

labay lang ko dire mami...musta man atong sabado gigante diha?

nag shopping nasad ka no?

ako busy busyhan ko ganina ug rake sa mga dayon...makapungot ning mga dahon woi...daut na kaau akong silhig...mahal raba tawon ang silhig dire.....hehehe!

sige mag wara wara sako ha kay late nako nag blog hop...babosh!

hopeful said...

Nice man jud ning antique kay mo last longer. Mawala nlang ta ang antique naa ra jpon...hehehe

uragon said...

ganda naman ng mga antique.... kaso parang ang mamahal hehehe

by the way.... your badge is upped with Badge Exchange

I hope you can up mine as well...

here's my picture button

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Wow! How I wish I have one... or should I say, how I wish we can afford one. (he-he-he)

Analou and Bones said...

I like antique Lu pero mao lage oi kay mahal man pod. Not only nga tsada ang pagkabuhat sa dani klase nga furniture but as what you said the history behind it. Basin next time maka-afford nako dani. Take care mommy Lu and have a wonderful day.

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alex said...

It's easy to find Cheap Furniture for decorating your home in a modern style.

Annie said...

Beautiful desk!!! Did you see that in ELTE? I got all the time. How'd I miss that?!?! It's stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

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