Thursday, September 10, 2009

truTV - My Favorite Channel

Television is one of the most popular entertainment platform and watching television is considered to be the most popular pastime in the world. TV shows are made to entertain, educate, or enlighten its viewers.

I watch TV shows because it entertains me. One of my favorite channel is the truTV. They have shows that make you scream and be wowed. I enjoy watching Cops, Forensic Files, The World's Most Dangerous Police Chases, Most Daring, World's Wildest Vacation Videos and a lot more. I admit that these shows are sometimes frightening yet hilarious. I always keep caution when I watch truTV because they show a lot of real events, that makes my heart wants to stop beating.

Anyway, the truTV video below, is a clip from World's Wildest Vacation. I am so amazed of how plentiful the fish are in that area. I remember our fishing trip few days ago ( we were not able to catch big fish), I wish we can find a place similar to the one in the video. I will surely have a blast!

Guys, if you want to watch shows with real stories and shows that are action-packed, flick your remote control to truTV channel but beware though because their shows make your heart beats fast and some are gut-wrenching.



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