Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Fishing Experience

Monday (Labor Day), we went fishing at Lake Purdy. Mom and Dan kept Andrea the whole time we were out for our fishing escapade.

When we arrived at Lake Purdy, there were cars parked near the marina. Obviously, since it was labor day, there were lot of people who opted to spend their day fishing or boating. There were few fishing poles lining up... kids and adult alike were fishing. We opted to be in woody area so that it won't be too hot for me. At least in the woods it will be shady.

It was quiet and serene! Dave and I loved it! After Dave hooked our fishing pole, he bait it and here was I ready to do my first fishing! After a few seconds...we were able to catch brim. It was small so we have to return it back to the lake. We move into different areas but still the fish are all small... but it was fun and exciting... when something bites the bait, your excitement builds up.

We spend like 2 hours fishing... walking in the woods... finding good fishing spots... until we decided to just be in the marina. It was hotter there but there were lot of fish... too bad though they are all small....

We called it a day after being exhausted from the heat of the sun. We didn't bring home any fish but we are both happy. We had fun and we enjoyed doing things together.

Next time, we might rent a boat... boating and fishing.... hmmm that must be fun for sure!


Us said...

Uy mga pito pito d i inyo nadakpan cge lng happy mn inyong date. sus dri nag ulan tibuok adlaw ug basy sa among labor hehehe

Dorothy L said...

Sounds like you had a very nice little getaway with the one you love.
Those are precious moments :)

chubskulit said...

So wala pala kayong inuwing fish hehehe.. Your experience reminds me when My father in law and hubby took me and the kids fishing in the lake for the first time... Wala rin kaming nakuha but it was a lot of fun!

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Anne said...

mami, nia ra ang isda nga walay nakuha..heheheh aju si dave palitan ka ug tilapia mao nalang lutu-a mami.

Imung pic mami dili ko kakaslong...pero wafa gihapon heheh!

Momma Bams said...

wow that was peaceful and yet fun outdoor trip.. i remember we used to go on fishing in the sea or rivers with our late stepfather.. sayang nga parang ngayon ko lang na-aappreciate yun and wala na sya.

Dhemz said...

waaaaaaa.....unsa man sad ning namingwit nga nag hide man sa kakahuyan....dka mada managat kay you hate heat man!

sa suok man diay mo..maong wala mo ka bingwit...joke...lang mami....ehhehe!

next need to wear hat and shades....:) good luck on your next fishing trip...what matters mami is you had fun bonding each other....:)

inday_adin said...

I love fishing a lot! And as my husband would say, I am born to be a fisherman or fisherwoman. heheheh Boat and fishing sure is fun!

Thanks for adding me mommy Lulu!

niko said...

weeee looks like fun.. buti pa jan pwede pa mag fishing.. prang dito sa dream na lng pwede yan eh :)

MarlyMS said...

Hello Lulu,
fishing is fun. we went fishing in July at my cousin's place. Ugh that was great. Here's my share on this post :)

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Clarissa said...

I love fishing!!My Father-In-Law took us with the kids fishing when we were still living with them.Malapit lang kasi sa kanila ang lake eh.
Happy to hear that you enjoyed your family's outdoor adventure!^_^

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