Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tropical Fruits

We have fruits in my hometown that I couldn't find here. Below is a list of the fruit that i miss

Atis is the Philippine name for Sweet Sop and Sugar Apple. We used to have a this near our kitchen. We not only eat the fruit but its leaves is also used as medicinal plant. We soak the leaves in a drinking water and drink the water as treatment for cough. We also used the leaves for sprain. of my favorites. I can buy this at some asian stores but holy cow it is very expensive. I love eating this while dipping it in a salt and vinegar mixture. Of course we have this also in our front yard. We used its leaves for cleaning and disinfecting wounds by rinsing the afflicted area with a decoction of the leaves.

Guyabano or Soursoup, the flesh of the fruit consist of a white edible pulp. We also have this fruit planted in the front yard. I always remember having to keep an eye of the fruit when it is already shiny because it means the fruit is almost ripe. We have to pick it right away or else bats will be feasting on it at night time.

Mangosteen fruit is round in shape, dark-purple, 2 to 3 inches in diameter and contains 4 to 8 segments of snow-white, delicious soft flesh. The fruit may or may not contain seeds. Encasing the flesh is a purple skin 6 to 10 cm thick. We don't have this and is only common in Davao area but it surely is soooo good!

Dalandan is our local orange. It is not very common in Bohol but when i was in Manila you can buy it everywhere. I used to buy one kilo (2.2lbs) and eat it alone... and as usual i eat these with salt.

Indian mango. Nothing beats this when talking about eating green mango. Of all the mango varieties, this is the best when eaten green. I usually eat this with shrimp paste or a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar. Oh i miss this for sure!

Kalamansi or little green lime. This is a very popular souring agent in a Filipino cuisine. We also make this as our juice.

Lanzones ... i just don't know the english term of this but this is really delicious. During its season, this is affordable and we usually just buy and eat a lot the problem is the juice of its peeling stains your fingers. But of course nobody minds the stain it is worth the trouble. The taste of the fruit is just so delicious!!!

Jackfruit... as dave says it smells like FEET! But of course my husband doesn't know anything hahaha. We used to grow a lot of these when we were young and we it was planted in the farm owned by my grandfather. You can't miss the smell of this when it is ripe. When it is green we cooked it too and it is a delicious meal. When i was in an asian store, i saw a canned jackfruit, intrigued by it i bought two cans... to my disappointment, it is nothing compared to the real one.

Rambutan, this is not a common fruit in Bohol specially in my hometown. When i was living with my sister their neighbor has a rambutan tree plant. We can sometimes buy this fruit in the town where my sister lives but usually it is also grown commonly in Davao area.

Santol, the fruit is round and yellow with a very thick skin and segments inside which are very tasty. I love this and as usual i dip it with salt.

Star Fruit... I remember this fruit when I was in grade school. We have a small tree but it didn't have enough fruits then. Our neighbor has 3 big trees that has a lot of fruits. We used to ask them for it we picked as many as we could and we bring it to school. we trade it for writing pad papers. This has been our source of papers for as long as i can remember. Sometimes i can find this fruit in walmart or other grocery stores but oh my goodness it is more than 3 bucks a piece... hmmm not in a million years will i buy this at that price... i will just wait when i come home. our starfruit tree is still alive

Tambis. Some call this water apple. My sister has a tree and when it is season for bearing fruits it bears a lot of fruit. We really enjoyed eating this while dipping with vinegar and salt.


chubskulit said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhh am drooling here mommylu, looking at the pictures... Aside from mangosteen, all of it were my favorite.. YUM!

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Analou and Bones said...

Gee...tanan man jud akong mga favorite nga prutas Lu da. hayyyy naglaway na jud ko..I miss all the fruits you showed in your post. Kailan pa kaya ko iyan matikmang muli.

sweetdonut said...

i like ur post. makalaway jud. haaay...ang uban kay ala nako katilaw...some of it kay wala gnabaligya sa palengke. sa backyard lang naa..hehehhe

Tetcha said...

Naku, mommy, miss mo na talaga ang Pinas! I'm craving for some atis and lansones now! Haha!

Dhemz said...

holy in...ako pod tawon....naglaway ko dire....kana tanan mami gusto ko ana mokaon...namiss tawon pod nako ni....saon nagpuyo man ta sa tate...wala man tropical fruits dire...naa man tropical fruits pero you can see them either frozen or in!

woi agi ko kadali...mag drop ko ug sau kay tawon napa ko basahunon....klase napod tawon...hay buhay...kapoy basa....hehehe!

sige balik rako unya dire after class...kimbot kimbot sako mami....tata!

shydub said...

Sus gahapon ra jd nagtulo akong laway kakan onon sa imung mga prutas dri lulu labi na ang lanzones ahhhhh my favorite intawn panghatag ug usa ka putos dha

Cacai M. said...

aw, maayo ky naa kay pictures og mga pictures pa jud? nyayks! nah halah padayon lang sa imong cravings dha Mareng.. heheh.. yaw lang palabi ky basin og madugangan si Andrea.. nyahahah..

Cacai M. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clarissa said...

I miss all the tropical fruits sa atin!!Tulo tuloy laway ko dito lol!!\(^0^)/

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