Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book for Kids

Andrea even at her very young age owns a lot of books already. We always wanted her to learn to love the books. Dave and I are both book lovers so, we made sure that Andrea will have her share of books.

Andrea's Nana and Papa Dan, her Uncle John and Aunt Terri bought her books too. I am so glad that Andrea loves her books and she likes looking at its pictures. When we read to her she always listens and very interested.

Teaching your kids to read books starting at young age is very important. I have seen my friend's kids who just love to read. Michelle at age 7 has already read different books including the Harry Potter series. I am so glad and impress at how good she is. This coming Christmas, I know what I will give her. I will give her the book entitled Chin and the Magic Stones as our Christmas present for her. I am sure she will like this book because she loves stories that are full of adventures. This book has very good reviews, that is why I have no qualms of buying this for Michelle.


Guys, if you are looking for a good Christmas present for your children or godchildren, Chin and the Magic Stones book is a perfect idea. If you want to know more about the book, you can read it at



Christa Bledsoe said...

Hello I am visiting from Adgitize. That does look like an interesting book. Thank you for sharing. I am so happy your daughter loves to read, my son does too.

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