Friday, September 18, 2009

Informative Magazine for You and Me

There are plenty of clinical nursing sites that is available in the internet today. I like the nurse's guide to good living because it is inspiring, uplifting, and fun. This magazine tackles not only professional issues but as well as personal issues. It discusses the joys and challenges in the nursing profession. It also shares the rewards and triumphs a nurse has experienced. This is about everything and anything that concerns the busy life of a nurse.

I love reading the nurse's guide to good living because it is a very good source of information when you are dealing with a hypochondriac patient? In their "Expert Answers" section they will tell you all about hypochondriac symptoms and some tips on how to deal with a hypochondriac patient. Another interesting section of this magazine is the Job Market. In this section they will provide readers with useful information such as best places to be a nurse and why it is the best place to work.

Anyway, we all know that a nurse wears scrubs for work. Wearing a scrub at all times can be boring. A nurse can wear a scrub and still be stylish by wearing accessories and wear a great hairstyle. In order to look great in scrubs, it is important to get the right fit, wear those colors that complements your complexion, and never wear scrubs that are in poor condition, wrinkled or stained. A nurse should wear in style scrubs in order to be fashionable.


MAC said...

Does it tell you how to deal with a hypo. co-worker? I work with a lady that has had and has everything that everyone combined has and has had. She goes to some sort of doctor at least once a week. Our insurance has gone up every year due to her medical expenses. Bad thing is, she's the wife of my boss. I personally hate to go to the doctor. I hate to be sick. What is wrong with people like this?

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Great info, Lulu. :)

Dhemz said...

hello mami dearest...kumusta naman imong mga alaga diha....hope maau na sila kay weekend nasad bya....ang date unya....hehehe!

salamat sa comment mami dear...unsa man atong agenda diha ron? kami adto me sa pinoy store....palit ko sampayna....:)

agi ko dire kadali ha...mwah!

Analou and Bones said...

I am not totally scared of blood but I just don't like seeing it. I really appreciate doctors, nurses and all the health related professionals for their works in saving lives. This scrub magazine will surely inspire us to be hopefully one of this people featured in this magazine.

Thank you so much Lu for the visit, comments and friendship. it's greatly appreciated.

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