Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Power of Vapor Bath

Andrea was not feeling good for the past few days. She has slight fever, stuffed and then runny nose. She felt bad after her dad got sick. There are times that she just don't want to run around (that's her daily routine). She still plays with her kitchen stuff and blocks but she always wants me to play with her.

As a mom, you all know how it feels when your lil one gets sick especially like Andrea's age where she still unable to tell me what she really feels. I kept on monitoring Andrea because I am worried that she will get flu since it is already flu season.

Anyway, I did gave Andrea a couple of vapor baths and it really did wonders for her. Andrea loves her baths and the gentle vapors provide soothing comfort for her.

Andrea woke up in her usual high spirits today, she is feeling better although she is still coughing. She was able to sleep well last night and she doesn't have fever anymore.

For mommies out there, if your babies have colds, try giving them vapor bath... it will work wonders....


Tetcha said...

This is pretty interesting. I wonder how a vapor bath is prepared.

Anne said...

mami..good to hear that Akesha is getting better. Hope for more better on the next day.
As in maayo na jud sya...:-)

Lulu said...

@ Tetcha... you can buy vaport bath in the store here I use Johnson & Johnson's..

@ Anne.... hoy Anne ngano ba si Andrea na Akesha naman intawon wahehehe bantay ka ni mami dhemz suk-an ka niya

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