Friday, September 25, 2009

Mommy Moments : That's My Favorite

What's your child's favorite? Do you want to know other kids' favorites? Check out Mommy Moments by clicking at the image below...!

mommy moments

Andrea has a lot of favorites even if she is not yet 2 years old. Take a look at some of them...

She loves swimming... but I don't let her swim a lot because she is prone to ear infection. In fact she had an ear tube surgery last February.

These are her favorite movies. She knows how to switch on the DVD player now and she will give you the DVD remote if she wants to watch any of these.

This is her favorite pajama set. Of course it is Dora... She owns more than one of this because she wants to wear it all the time.

Andrea's Favorite at the moment is Dora... so she has
  • Dora ball
  • Dora books
  • Dora doll
  • Dora hats
  • Dora sandals and shoes
  • Dora clothes
......... anything that has Dora she loves it!

Before I forget, she loves jumping in the bed and she loves to eat (she is not picky which I hope will be forever). Her favorite child playmate is Alex and she loves staying with her Nana and Papa Dan.


Dhemz said...

waaa....hahahha...mga dora lovers tawon ning atong mga ani mag spanish na ni sila...d na!

thanks for sharing mami...:) wara wara sako gamay!

chubskulit said...

Hahahahha Dora fanatic din pala si Andrea ano MamiLu, same way with my makulit hehehe..

Us said...

My gosh, ora has to pay for the review ani bataa hehehe. kadaghan ba d i nailad aning Dora intawn oi.

Sakto jd mami dhemz,kamao na na andrea ug spanish ky magpatudlo ko mami lulu.

Ka big na sa imung andrea lulu oi, hapit na raba siya mag two years old. Dora cake sd na iya requesr nya hehehe. Thanks for sharing mami lulu. happy weekend!

klivengood said...

haguy mura man diay ni si Andrea ug akong niece kay puro Dora ang gustong gamit..hasta iya buhok kay gipa Dora nyahaha. Tama si Dhemz, mao jud sundon nga lenguahe ang spanis like sa counting, may gani kay pareha ra ang counting diri sa Sapanish, dos, tres dayon nyahaha

Glenda said...

Dora!!! My bf's niece loves DORA like CRAZY!!!

anne said...

wow I can see she really loves water hehehehe

Analou and Bones said...

I like dora too Lu although tigulang nako dili na kid....hehehhee.. The store where I work we have dora toothbrushes, dora toothpastes and dora bandages. baka pwede nani sa collection pod ni Andrea ining dako-dako nya. How are you Lu? Hope everything is fine. Enjoy your weekend.

teJan said...

ahehe kadaghan na gud niya dora, dora watch ala pa sya kay ako palitan..aheheh!

good day dear lulu! ala pakoy momoymom oi! gilantan ko!

darly said...

Dora is quite a popular favorite this week. Your daughter is such a cutie, lurve her pic in pyjamas.

Happy MM and mine is up too, check it out.

Chris said...

DORA is the winner this week! hehehe my daughter also loves Dora! :D

Arlyna said...

Andrea is like a doll! I love that 3rd pic with her dora outfit. I want my own so badly, everytime I see Dhemz's Akesha and your little Andrea - it makes me crave to have my own too. Have a great weekend. My big hugs to both you and Andrea.

Bambie dear ★ said...

barbie andrea loves water.. cute! at syempre di mawawala si dora nya. Give my hugs to your pretty daughter =) enjoy weekends

Anonymous said...

haha talagang dora fanatic din to c nicole reklamo pag commercial pasaway kaya nirerecord ko na yung iba ha ha, kaya nag spanish na din, natatwa ako pag dating sa mga color haha ginagaya, mga anak natin mga spanish na dina english sabi ni dhemz haha

Clarissa said...

Awww!!Another Dora fanatic!!Mas cute si Andrea kesa kay Dora!!\(^0^)/

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