Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Importance of Web Directories

Submitting your own website to a free web directory is a very economical way in which you can obtain visitors to your web site. These free web directories can send you free traffic. When a website appears in several directories its value (Page Rank, Traffic and Relevance) increases. New websites tend to have a hard time getting links that point to them. Web directories are a great way in which this new websites can get various links. SEO friendly web directory will help your website be indexed by Search Engines.

There are so many free web directories available in the internet today. If you are unsure where to get started with submitting your site to web directories, then you should start with DMOZ. This web directory will allow your site and its ranking to move up in its results rather quickly, which is good for your web site since Google and other Search Engines view DMOZ as being very reliable. If your web site is a business website you can choose to submit your link to There are other free web directories like Yahoo Directory, BOTW and a lot more. I advise you not to stop at one or two directories only. Make sure to submit your site to as many as you can. But before submitting your website to search engines and web directories, make sure that it doesn't have any pages under construction. Also, pay attention to the website navigation and usability.


joanrenae said...

Submitting to a web directory is a great way to gain relevant back links. However, one must make sure that they submit a unique description to each directory and if they submit to places like or, they need to make sure their site is ready and up to par for paid submissions. Thanks. :)

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