Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blogging for Profit

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I just read an article in one of the magazines about success stories "from rags to riches" in the world of blogging. In that article, it featured bloggers that are now earning enough money for them to quit their full time jobs and concentrate on blogging. It is amazing how it happened. Of course, it didn't happened overnight. The same with any other things, success in blogging requires time, hardwork and dedication. If you have the passion for writing and the time to visit and get connected with other bloggers in the blogosphere then you too can make it big in the growing world of paid blogging. I admit, I am one of those bloggers who aspire to make a mark (financially, that is!) in the world of blogging. It is hardwork, but I enjoyed doing it. I enjoyed visiting and reading other blogs and I even gain friends in the blogosphere. It is actually fun to blog and it gets addicting.

There are many websites that let's you do different blog advertising. Of course, you have to choose the ones that are reliable and gives you reasonable price for your work. You can read reviews and also ask your blogger friends what paid review sites is the best.

In order that your blog will get the attention of different advertisers, it is a plus factor if your blog has high page rank and is indexed by different web directories. You can submit your blog at Yahoo Directory, DMOZ or any other web directories in order for your blog to be noticed and become popular.

There is a way to make money with your blogs and I want you to grab this opportunity to start earning while doing what you love to do. There are some tips on how to move from blogging for leisure to blogging for profit. Start earning today.


Dhemz said...

agoy pagkapaspas nakagama....hehehehe...agi ko dre mami..drop drop sako....:)

klivengood said...

Lu, di pa diay ka member aning Payingpost? sus, scam man guro na sila kay ako money sa ila karon kay $53 dlls. na. at first ang payout daw nako ay $25, then 1st post or review about sa ilaha is $10 then after a week naka kuha ko ug opp sa ila nga $10 din, so $5 na lang ako kulang para maka payout. Nag email sila sa akoa nga payout daw ay nag move to $30, nagka opp na sad ko pero $7 ra, nag email na sad sila nga nag move na pod ang payout to $50, so padayon japon ko hangtud ako money sa ila kay $53 na unya kay ang payout kay $100 naman pod. Unsa mana, mubayad sila o dili. Then sa Amy, (amiableamy), mao pod problema, ang iyaha jud kay mi-abot na ug $100+ dlls so iya gi-post nga scam ang payingpost, then nag google sya, daghan na diay wa bayari ng payingpost ang mga bloggers, friend ni Amy kay $200+ na wazz japon bayad.

Before daw nagbabayad jud daw ang payingpost pero karon, nagkabuang na.

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