Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TCP: Science Fiction 3D Animation

I have been thinking of my entry but I am not sure if these movies belong to this genre. Anyway, my entry for this week's Tuesday's Couch Potato is the Shrek Series (it may or may not belong for this week's theme).

I love these movies. My favorite character is the fox dubbed by Eddie Murphy. Did you know that Shrek 2 had the largest opening for an animated movie, ever, and went on to be the most successful film of 2004?

Shrek is the greatest fairy tale never told!

I can't wait to see Shrek 4.

Anyway, if you are interested to join Tuesday Couch Potatoes, please visit Just About Anything, the home of this meme. See you there.


Anonymous said...

sunud ra ako badge sa cooking lu kay gkpoi pako oi

chubskulit said...

yup kasama yan mommy lulu.. I have seen just one part of this. I wanna see the rest.

Here's mine

dubster said...

I have seen the 1,2 and 3 of this shrek. diri nku kita sa ika tulo. makalingaw sd bisag mga bati ug nawong hehehehehe. Nagpalit pa gd intawn mi ug pirated nga DVD ani abck in cebu, ambot asa natu naa mn ni borrow wala na giuli. Nice pick mami lulu best seller sd nga annimated movie.

kikamz said...

shrek is indeed a very nice 3d movie that i didn't mind watching the 3 series all in one sitting! fiona and shrek are just the most lovable ogres there are! although di cya sci-fi, it still is one great film!

thanks for joining this week mommy lulu! next week, it's sandra bullock movie time! kitakits ulit ha? hugs!

nikogirl said...

ay gusto ko rin to! :) katuwa tong movie na to tlga

my entry is at silip mo ha :)

Mys said...

shrek's great too. i think i wasn't able to watch shrek 2 though.

pehpot said...

Hi Lulu!

I have seen this one and though this is not a sci fi.. it is still a 3d film.. my fave character is the puss in the boots specially when it has to use his kawawa eyes to lure the enemy haha..

hilarious movie!

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