Friday, August 28, 2009

Football Season

It is this time of the year when we are almost at the end of the countdown for the football season. I admit, we are big football fans both college football and pro football. Every year, we sign up for our fantasy football team. For the past 2 years, Dave and I managed the same team. Now, for a change, we will be managing different teams. I hope that my players will perform well in my football fantasy team as it will be great to win another virtual trophy to add to my other trophies which I won in baseball fantasy.

Football is a game that is really addicting. The adrenalin of the players in the field makes you wanna get involved. The game is very exciting and full of action, that is why majority of people in the USA is addicted to it. Football is not just an ordinary sport, it is somewhat a religion to most people especially in the South.

I am really looking forward for this season to start. I am excited to manage my own fantasy football team. I am very confident about my team because I have found out a lot of helpful tips that I can use from WaiverWire. I already signed up for their Stimulus Package which will provide me with helpful fantasy football analysis.


shydub said...

Ang sports fanatics ug movei marathon mommy intawn oi. preha dri lulu nga basta mapildi gani ang steelers sus, mura namatyan sa kamingaw pero kung kadaug lupig pay nag fiesta sd.

The Bumbles said...

I am doing the same this year. Last year I watched Andy manage his FB team for the first time - he did OK. Last year we also jointly managed his Baseball team and lost the lead on the final day. This year he has been on his own with that because I am busy and his team is begging to stay above last place. We'll see how we do head to head in FB. I usually kick his butt in the weekly game pick 'em pool!

Dhemz said...

agoy ang mga adik sa fotbol...hehehehe..parehas diay mo ni tsang....:)

maau paka mami kay busy imong panginabuhi dire...hehehee....agi sako kadali...ugma rako mag bloghop kay kapoy akong adlaw pamodyot sa rotten apples....hehehehe!

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