Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Euphorbia Craze

(One of the most common variety of euphorbia)

We were dining at Thai Emerald when I saw Euphorbia (pictures above) outside the restaurant. I grabbed my camera and took picture of it. I was surprised to find it here in Alabama. Seeing the plant brings back memories of how we went into a stage of Euphorbia Craze...

It was year 2006 while I was living with my sister Lita that we went gaga over Euphorbia. We were so addicted to it that we spend a lot of money buying different varieties of Euphorbia. I could remember that we had over 50 different varities, in different colors and different shape of the flower.

We displayed the flowers at the front of their house which we ordered a customized iron stand specifically for that purpose. We had uniformed flower pots for them. Those euphorbia collection was admired by neighbors and visitors. Most of them would ask for a twig so that they can have the varieity that we had. I remember, at the back of Lita's house, I had mini nursery of euphorbia. I planted different variety of euphorbia for our families and friends. When they are ready I usually give Mom first.

The only problem with this kind of plant is the worm that eats all its leaves. This plant attracts worms especially when it is rainy. I remember when we woke up we always head to the plants and check for worms before we start our days. I have always been scared of worms so whenever I find one, I always call one of the kids to get..... (hahaha I am a sissy!)

These are some of the varieties that we had


shydub said...

Ohhh yeah i remember, unsa nabuang mga uban sa tao ana buwaka, usa nku, kada naa suroy palit dayon

klivengood said...

ay sus, mao diay na iyang pangalan Lu. Daghan mana diri sa amoa nya pag lagot man ko kay naay tunok tunok gamay...iya bulak ok ra pero iya lawas di nako type hahaha.

Greg said...

na akong mama ug lola...go go gaga jud kaau sad sila ani nga tanom....makabuang ni sya....hehhehehe....amo pod mami lu, daghan pod varities.....mahal man tawon na dire woi..d man ko ka afford sa home depot...heheheheh!

mingaw man ang balay dire...nagtigom pa siguro to ug mga opps...heheehe....dayon sirit unya....agi ko kadyot kay mag eat me sa gawas kay naa akong BIL from texas....balik rako unya....:)

am using hubby's account mami Lu!

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