Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Android Video App

I have heard people talking about how much they enjoy using their Android phones. Well, who would not enjoy when you can listen to music, view videos, store images and do a lot more using your phone. The most common problem that a user encounters is the limited disk capacity of the phone. The solution in order not to run out of space again is by using Android Storage. Android Storage serves as a storage and distribution back-end for Android applications. It provides unlimited memory space for all Android phones. It will let you store your music, images, videos and more online and you can manage all your files online anytime and most importantly you can stream your media and files as if they are on your phones.

Android Storage Team has already developed different applications for Android phones. The first that they launched was the AStunes which allows you to play your personal MP3 collection in high quality sound without the need to store the files on your phone. The second application that they launched was ASpics which allows you to view your photo and image collections without the need to store the files on your phone, no matter what the size of the collections. Recently, just launched its third application the AScinema. This is a new Android video app. You can watch all your uploaded videos and movies with this streaming video app. It streams the video content seamlessly to and from the phone.

Take advantage of the power of Android apps.... sign up for a free account at and and you will get 1GB of free space to upload your multimedia and files. Also, watch out for the upcoming new applications that the Android Storage Team will launch in the future.



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