Monday, July 27, 2009

Visiting University of North Alabama

The University of North Alabama traces its roots to 1830 and LaGrange College, the first state-chartered college in Alabama. The school relocated to its current location in Florence from its original site in Franklin County in 1854. The institution would later become the first state-supported teachers college in the South and one of the first coeducational institutions in the nation.

The school has a beautiful big fountain. Andrea really loves it and she wants to swim and catch the water .

We went to take a look of the school's male and female lion. Andrea is trying to climb in the screen to take a good look of the lions.

Introducing UNA and LEO

Andrea was finally able to see the lions clearly that is why she is pointing at them.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

I love going to places like that. Andrea obviously enjoyed it, too. :)

Dana Telecom said...

Wah, the building is beautiful. I will like to learn at that kind of university.

klivengood said...

Abi nako pa enroll na diha si Andrea..hahaha..haguy ngano man tawon naa man lion ug tigre diha nga school man kaha na..hahaha. katkat pa jud Andrea ay para lang makakita....hehe..ka nice sa ilang university oi..

Dhemz said...

sos pagka gwapa sa imong dalaga...hehehhe..naka posing man kaau...:)

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