Monday, July 27, 2009

Perfect Travel Destination

Finding the perfect travel destination is not as easy as it seems to be. There are different things to consider like budget, preferences, interests, and timing. For a person who is not a season traveler, deciding which place to go is quite hard. Nobody wants to experience disappointment when it comes to travel destination. Who would like to spend a lot of money for a beach vacation and end up being disappointed because the place you choose is not what you think it should be? To avoid this kind of problem, travelers should check FatPassport, a new travel website that provides personalized travel recommendations. You can get travel recommendations by entering the parameters of your choice in the website's unique trip engine.

FatPassport recommendations are based on the experience and insights of other travelers, including seasoned Travel Experts. With the click of a mouse, FatPassport can determine which of the thousands of destinations and attractions in the world, are just right for you!

Check the FatPassport's website today and communicate with other travelers who have been to a place where you want to visit or look for variety of resources for all the places that you will consider exploring. At, you can also view (or submit) photos for destination and attractions worldwide.

Below is a picture of how FatPassport Personalized Travel Recommendation looks like...



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