Monday, June 29, 2009

Web Directory

There is a great chance that you are experiencing only a trickle of visitors if your website is relatively new. If you want to your site to be visible to web surfers, then you should do something to get noticed. For a newbie, it is a big question as to what does one need to do to get noticed. One of the most effective way is to make use of search engine optimization. However, a website being relatively new, may not be in the search engines yet. To make your site visible to web surfers, you need to make sure that you submit your site to a web directory.

What is a web directory? Web Directory is a fully searchable, intuitively indexed resource providing easy use for searchers. Directory listings are in the form of link references and are important to boost search engine rankings.

There are thousands of free web directory in the internet today. In order to take advantage of these, you need to manually submit your website and its URL. Manual submission of your website to different search engines and web directories can be quite taxing and time consuming. because you have to fill in your information time and time again. Your name, address, email, website URL, and website description are just among the details you need to provide every time you make a submission. This may sound like a lot of work but once this is done, your website will soon be listed in primary search engines.

These are some of the popular web directories:
  1. Yahoo directory. Subject-based directory listing web sites in a wide range of topics, from arts, entertainment, and society and culture, to science, education, and health.
  2. DMOZ. Searchable Web directory compiled by volunteer editors.
  3. BOTW. Directory of content-rich web sites organized by topic and category.
  4. Find what works for your business.


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List of free web directories.

list of free web directories

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