Thursday, June 4, 2009

We Are Going Home Today

Our one week vacation here in New Jersey ends today. We will be flying back home tonight at around 9:00PM.

We had so much fun. We didn't go out a lot but we enjoyed our bonding time. Andrea was able to show her "talking mode" to her Uncle Roger, Auntie Menmen and Pops.

As much as we enjoyed our vacation, we missed home and Dave. It would have been so much fun if we were together. Maybe next time....

Since it is our last day... time to do the last day shopping... hahahha


MarlyMS said...

hi lulu, thanks for the comment. surely I will be watchful when driving.

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Dhemz said...

oh my....forever man tawon ang shopping ni Mami Lu...sos ang secret millionaire sige lang tawon ug shopping...hehehe!

9pm diay inyo flight? am sure g mingaw na jud imong Dave...dalia ra sa 1 week sa? agi sako dire kadyot kay wapa ko ka blog hop...mwah!

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