Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Walking in Support of Breast Cancer

There is a great need of support for people who are diagnosed with Breast Cancer. You and I can do simple steps to make a difference. Let us all get active. We can either walk or run and log our miles at For every mile that we logged, BeeWell Miles will donate $0.15/mile (up to 1 million mile). The more we walk or we run, the bigger the difference we can make. Let us all invite our friends to participate and encourage them to log on their miles and help raise money for Breast Cancer Network of Strength utilizing Let us all get active and make our miles matter.

BeeWell Miles has programs that offer free benefits. Their website offers support for everyone who are struggling to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. They provide healthy living experts who are all ready to answer different questions. Every week publish articles that are very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Each week, Coach Jenny will post insightful articles on how to get more health benefits from walking or running, while Willow and Stephanie will post articles about tips and ideas to help you eat well and BeeWell. At, you can interact with other guests and share ideas and tips on getting healthy and staying healthy. Visit their website today and start living a healthy lifestyle that will benefit yourself and the people with breast cancer.



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