Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steroid Shot

I have been sick for a week now. I have coughing spells that would definitely wake up a whole barrio in their deep sleep. When I cough, it will last for over 5 minutes and mind you non-stop. My cough gets worse day after day and I end up sounding awful and hoarse.

Sometimes when I cough, I feel like my head is gonna explode. I waited and waited before I called our Primary Care Physician, hoping that over the counter medicine for cough and colds will help me. After having some rough nights where my cough is worse, I finally decided to call the doctor (Of course Dave has been begging me to call the doctor). When I called the office this morning, I was surprised that they gave me a slot for 3:00PM appointment. Usually, our doctor is always fully booked that most of the time we just see and consult different doctor which belong to the same office (Birmingham Internal Medicine Associates).

Dr. Leong ( our PCP) gave me an anti-inflammatory steroid shot, antibiotic pack and cough suspension. Should my cough remains the same I need to see her back in a week.

This is the first time that I have a steroid shot ... oh boy... my butt burns! I feel like I wanna stick my butt up!


vhingF said...

ay....get well soon...

ala ba dyan herbal..hihihi.

takot ako sa injection.

paano na yan ala pala kmi ulam mga blogger frens ..hahaha.

Arlyna said...

Ohh, Lu - I hope you feel better soon. Make sure you are taking your rest as well along with your meds. Giving you my biggest hugs :)

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