Monday, June 22, 2009

Personalized Travel Recommendations

For a first timer, traveling overseas can be full of apprehensions. The uncertainty of the place you are going to travel to can make the vacation less enjoyable. Vacations are supposed to be enjoyed so might as well ask some advice from the people who have the authority in this type of things.

FatPassport is a new website that provides personalized travel recommendation. By just a click of your mouse, they can provide you with places based on your specific budget, requirements, preferences, interests, and timing. Even to a backpacker who wants an exotic place for adventure or to a luxury traveler who wants a luxurious place to rest, FatPassport can find the right place. The recommendations that they provide is based on the insights and experience of different travelers which are organized in a database and searchable by its unique trip search engine. Besides recommending the best travel destination, FatPassport can also recommend which tour company to use (if you prefer an escorted tour) based on your budget, time of travel and desired destination.

A vacation can be a total disappointment especially if you go at the wrong time of the year because you will be spending a lot of money.

I use the FatPassport travel website and searched for a Philippine destination ideal for family vacation and in a low budget...They recommended Bohol, Boracay and Siquijor! Based on my experience I agree to their recommendation, Bohol is really a good destination for a budgeted vacation.



Arlyna said...

This is one site I started checking after I visited Dhemz'. Pretty cool - started checking places where to go in Hawaii :)

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