Friday, June 26, 2009

Mommy Moments: School Days

mommy moments

For this week's theme School Days, I don't have a picture of my daughter that would fit the theme. Andrea is only 18 months old. She is with me at home all the time. She has not been into a day care. We decided that I need to be a stay at home mom because of some health issues of the past.

Anyway, I don't want to miss this week's Mommy Moments so I decided to post a picture of how school looks like in our place.

Looking back, I had a great childhood. Although going to school means having to wake up early, doing your daily chores and getting ready to school then walk for more than a kilometer whatever the weather is (rain or shine), it was fun for us. Going to school was a stepping stone in achieving our goals. Despite the hardship we encounter, we never quit school.

I have fun remembering those school days... the rainy days where you have to chop some banana leaves to cover yourself hoping not to get wet...the games we played during recess time... the lunches wrapped in banana leaves ( we don't have lunch boxes then)... the school activities... the general cleaning days... the dentist days ( where kids will run away from the clinic because of the fear of the dentist)... all those memories are worth remembering...

While doing this post, I could not help but remember "those days"... and also remembering the friends I gained and lost contact with... Who knows someday we will meet again...

The Elementary School

Students leisurely walking... I had my share of daily walking to school... even when I was in College!

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Cecile said...

thanks for sharing your good old days while at school :-); reminds me of my own :-). t'was fun!

☆Willa☆ said...

yup! the good ol' days of walking going to ad fro, but nowadays, hindi na safe palakarin ang mga student.

Chris said...

good old days...a trip down memory lane!:) thanks for sharing!

shydub said...

Good ol' days, baklay lulu kuyog sa tratu hehehehe joke lng. Bitaw sa, kami sd, malingaw ra mn sd ta ug lakaw sa pila ka kilometro nya hapit dayon sa mga bayabas or mangga nga nahulog hehehehe. Back in high school we had this school bus, mata sayo aron dili mabiyaan. sometimes we just prefer to walk with friends.

amiable amy said...

You know what girl? Ganda talaga ng school sa province kaysa sa city. I traveled from Cagayan de Oro up to Davao City, iba talaga eh. Just have this thought when I saw the picture of that school here. Thanks fr the visit ha.

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