Friday, June 26, 2009

Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood is human blood collected from the umbilical cord of a newborn child. It contains all the regular elements found in blood — red and white blood cells, platelets, and plasma — but is especially rich in hematopoietic stem cells. Because the cord blood is taken from the discarded cord, there is no risk to the mother or to the new born child.

Cord blood stem cells are 100% match for the infant donor and 1 in 4 match for a sibling. The National Cord Blood Program has compiled a list of over 75 diseases where stem cells from cord blood have been used in treatment. There is a growing list of current uses for stem cells and there is an ongoing research for future potential treatments.

As a new parent, you can take advantage of these medical breakthroughs and provide your newborn with every possible medical advantage in fighting diseases of the blood and immune system (leukemia, for example). Bank your newborn's Cord Blood and trust it to the experts at Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank.

Cryo-Cell is offering a special discount for expectant families to store their baby's cord blood. From now until Sunday 6/28/09, families can save $725 on Cryo-Cell's U-Cord service using the promotional code HOT. Don't waste this great opportunity. Give your child a special gift of potential medical miracle.



ihrmom said...

Be aware of hidden annual storage fees from some of the big cord bank companies. see for an objective chart of fees for the fda approved cord blood banks

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