Thursday, June 11, 2009


I never noticed the hummingbirds in the Philippines. During my first year here in Alabama, I experienced watching them behind the front door glasses of my mother-in-law's place. I admit, they are pretty amazing and a sight to behold. Every time we went to Mom's place, I always spend some time watching. They look so small yet so active. I love their noises. Some of them look so feisty and very territorial on the feeders. It is their trait to protect their source of nectar. Male hummingbirds are more fearless, they will not hesitate to collide with other birds that try to get near their food source.

After enjoying the presence of hummingbirds, they just slowly disappears. That prompted me to research about them. Through the many articles that I read in the internet, I learned about hummingbirds migration and their way of life. It is pretty amazing to learn about their migration as part of their life cycle and survival. There is no way that we can stop them from disappearing because it is part of their being a hummingbird. There is a lot of interesting facts about hummingbird.

I could not wait to tell Mom Lori about the things I learned regarding hummingbirds. I am sure she will be amazed that there are ways to attract more hummingbirds. I know Mom loves watching them too. I have to tell her that glass hummingbird feeder and planting nectar-rich flower will help attract more hummingbirds.


Arlyna said...

I see so many birds around my mother's house - I can't differentiate them. We have seen so many bird's nest around their backyard. My sister is very fond of birds - she owns 2 budgies.

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