Sunday, June 7, 2009

Explore the Riviera Region of France

Summer is the perfect time to explore France. There are plenty of activities that will make your vacation memorable. Build lasting memories while on vacation and savor the summers spent on the French Riviera.

Tourrettes-sur-Loup is also a wonderful destination if you want to explore the Riviera Region of France. It sits atop a sheer cliff overlooking the Loup valley. This place is called "City of Violets" because of the small purple flowers cultivated in abundance beneath the olive trees. This place a a medieval village where you can find 12th century church and a ruined 1st century pagan shrine. There are plenty of places to stay at this place. Tourrettes-sur-Loupe property rentals are affordable and you can book online.

I wish that in the future our whole family can explore France. When that day comes, I will surely stay on any of those luxurious villas in France.

If you are interested to explore France you can check the French Tourist Office for more information.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

France is one of the place that I want to visit. :)
How was your weekend, Lulu?

klivengood said...

Di diay ko..kalayo ana ah! France man jud, nia pa ko Pinas...heheeh joke lang oi..hay dream tawon nako ng France..ah basta Europe, ako na dream, saon man sa kano man ko naadto hehehe

mckhoii said...

hi! What a great blog you have here. Please add me to your blogroll and i'll do the same. please don't forget to inform me after. THanks much and go blog bLOOM!

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