Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dining @ Adelphia, Deptford, NJ

Three days ago, during our last day in NJ, we dined at Adelphia. This bar/restaurant has a very pleasant ambiance. It was a great place to dine.

During lunch time, their prices are very affordable considering the location. I couldn't believe that you can order a meal for less than $10. Menmen always loved their coffee that is why she always orders coffee there. Roger ordered hot tea and I ordered raspberry iced tea for myself. While waiting for our orders, we were served with butter and bread.

Andrea checking the menu

For the main course, Menmen ordered flounder with lime, Roger ordered ravioli with extra meatballs, and I order a basket of fried shrimp. We skip dessert as we are all full.

Fillet fish in lemon. Too bad this dish is too salty, and you couldn't even taste the lemon in it. The vegetables are very good though. Menmen's fave of this order is the potato

Ravioli with extra meatballs. Roger said it was really good. I wouldn't know because I don't eat ravioli.

The fried shrimp that I ordered was really good. I love the accompanying tartar sauce in it.


Arlyna said...

Lu, those look yummy - always enjoyed your food photos :)

Dhemz said...

wow, kalami sad aning dine out ninyo Mami Lu!.....mura sad u korek si Andre....hehehe...Akesha always do that...murag makabasa pod ba...hehehe!

karon lang mi naka abot sa hotel Mami Lu..we had a tiring day...we attended hubby's high school friend's wedding...:)

Ugma pa mi uli sa amo balay kay lakwatsa sami dire ugma...hehehe...asa man diay mo nag laag aning weekend?

Agi lang ko kadali...pindot pod ko kayy sayang ang panginabuhi ta...hehehe...:) will chat with you bukas....mwah!

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