Friday, May 1, 2009

Yard Work at Mom's

Dave loves doing the yard work. He loves to be under the sun cleaning the lawn while sweating. Doing the yard work is one of the things that Dave misses the most. Since we are living in an apartment complex, we don't have yard work to do. We are lucky though that Mom Lori's place is not far from us. We can help her do the yard and do the garden. Actually, we are looking forward for this weekend's schedule. We will be going to Mom's house to help her with the yard work and the garden. And yes, Andrea can help too! She has her own Dora mini bucket and mini shovel.

Mom and Dan has their routine of mowing the grass but Dave always offers to help because we always worry about them mowing the big yard. They are not young anymore and being exposed to the hot sun for a long period of time will not be good for both of them. Anyway, last week while walking around their yard I noticed that there are some bare patches in their lawn. I forgot to ask Mom what happened with it. When we will be there this weekend I will tell Mom about the natural lawn care that will be good for restoring the bare patches of their lawn. I will introduce her to Organic Lawn Fertilizer which will help promote lawn growth and eliminate weeds. This organic fertilizer will help the soil retain more nutrients and moisture. I think Mom will like this product because this product is earth-friendly.


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