Friday, May 1, 2009

Mommy Moments: Doctor, Doctor Am I Sick?

mommy moments

Yeah! It is Mommy Moments again. This is one of the days that I am looking forward to because I enjoyed joining Mommy Moments. Thru this I am able to share some pics and stories of my baby Andrea. Besides, I also gain some mommy friends here.

Well, after Andrea's almost two month's stay in NICU she didn't get sick until she was like 10months old. She had a recurring ear infection that ended up with ear surgery. The ear tube surgery did wonders for Andrea. She never had infection after her surgery which was last February 2009.

The nurse putting Andrea's hospital bracelet

Getting Andrea's blood pressure before the surgery

The recovery room


Chris said...

i am glad that you are enjoying mommy moments.. we are glad to have you take part and share your life with us too..

im glad that surgery went well for andrea... but it must have been hard to care for her when she just underwent surgery..

Lulu said...

@Mommy Chris... it was really not bad... it was so quick the surgery was less than 15 minutes. Andrea didn't look like she just had surgery after that... but of course I was so nervous!... The hospital was really nice... wag mo lang akong tanungin sa bill kasi NAKAKALULA!

SASSY MOM said...

I'm glad that Andrea is feeling okay! It's so painful to see our kids suffer. thanks for sharing!

have a great weekend!

Genejosh said...

hi...i've been joining mommy moments since jan. but this is my first time to be here...nice meeting you here..

you have a cute baby..glad she's ok and very healthy...

Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

Your baby is too young to undergo surgery, but I think she's a brave girl. I'm glad she's okay now. I hope we can exchange links, too.

Dhemz said...

me too Mommy Lu..nag enjoy sad ko mag join ani...hehhee..thanks for sharing...likewise si Akesha she never get sick till later.

Tuod mommy mo tuod sa ako imong home address:

woi unsa diay imo YM...hehehe!

agmon said...

did you hear about eardoc?
it is a non invasive device for ear infection

Beth Moreno said...

visiting your mommy moments!

wow...she's so brave. at a young age she got a surgery already. but that's so good to hear, that she never had any infection after that.

btw, hope you can visit my entry too. cheers! =)

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