Friday, May 29, 2009

Shopping at the Oriental Store

Menmen and Roger picked us up at Philadelphia Airport last night. After they picked us up, we went directly to the Oriental Store, which was on the way home. The oriental store that we went to was amazing. It was big and there are so many fresh fish in there. How I wish that there will be an oriental store that big in Alabama. I am sure, I will eat fish everyday.

The fish variety that was sold in the store were: Tuna, king fish (tangigue), snapper, beltfish (diwit-diwit), tilapia, catfish, salmon, and a lot more which I can't name. They also sell pork bellies which is really yummy for grilling. There were different cuts of the pork that is so hard to find in Alabama. Needless to say, we bought a lot. Asian vegetables are also abundant in the store. And guys, would you believe that there is even fresh ripe jackfruit there? (hahaha I don't like jackfruit).

I also found different kinds of dried fish there... Gosh, if this store is near me I will be in heaven all the time!

More update in the next posts guys!


☆Willa☆ said...

that's another reason why i love our place here in Canada compare when we live in Ohio, where oriental store is very limited, like there's only two and it's like 45 minutes drive from us, here in Canada, there's plenty of oriental store to choose from,at 20-25 minutes drive lang,with lotsa of asian veggies too, one store also sell lanzones,green mango from guimaras and a lot more. I used to make horde all pinoy stuff but i don't have to do it anymore. :)

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