Friday, May 29, 2009

The Manta Ride

SeaWorld's newest attraction is the Manta Ray Ride. Riders of the Manta are positioned head first and faced-down while spinning, soaring, skimming and gliding like a giant ray. Riding the Manta will let the riders experienced up close animal encounter with hundreds of rays, thousands of exotic fish and even a giant Pacific octopus. Both riders and non-riders can experience the mesmerizing beauty and mystique of Manta elements. There are 10 stunning and uniquely configured aquariums that showcases rare sea dragons and thousands of schooling fish.

The experts of SeaWorld designed the Manta for the whole family to enjoy regardless of their age. For guests that are too young to ride the Manta Ray or those that wants a less extreme adventure they can enjoy the Manta by viewing different species of fish, rays and other sea life creatures. For guests that want a more daring adventure, they need to experience the excitement of riding a flying roller coaster - the Manta Ride.

Are you ready to have fun in riding the Manta? Visit and learn about their Ride the Flying Ray Contest. Participate on the 6 activities and get a chance to win a "Front-of-the-line" Pass to Manta at SeaWorld Orlando.



Dhemz said...

woi dakpan japon si fareng ted..bisan nagtour si mami Lu...wala ko ka reply sa imo gabie kay sayo ko na tog...hehehe..:)

musta na diha Mami Lu? maayo ra jud ka kay laag-laag lan man mo..sakay sakay lang man sa plane...hehehe!

woi ma shock man sad ta nimo woi..nag abala pa jud na sya...maulaw nuon ta ani ngeks...tuod Mami Lu, unsa na size sa tiil ni Andre? kay naa mga sandal ni Akesha nga di na moigo sa iya...was thinking of giving it to Andre kay Dora fan man sad na sya....ehhehe...kung ok lang sa imo ang human-daan...hehehe!

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