Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little Swimmer

It is summer and it's the perfect time to enjoy the waters. Well not exactly the big waters! Andrea is just content and having fun with her little swimming pool. Actually yesterday, she learned that she can run and sort of dive in her pool. She was having so much fun.

The little model (She loves to pose)

See the wicked smile? She just put her head in the water and enjoying it

She is trying to figure out how to catch the water


vhingF said...

its nice too....later it will be in a pool then next to the deep sea....hihihihihi...early trainings makes the childrens a good habbit of what are you want them to be on thier future

Chris said...

so cute! nice swimsuit too :)

Dhemz said...

this is cute...hehehhe....Akesha is doing that feels good to take a Akesha usahay kay gamit nya sprinkler...hehehe!

woi Mommy Lu, karon ra jud nako Andre ba kay mura sya ug si in parehas kaayo sila ug aura...hehehe!

ka cute ba aning imong bata....:)

woi nadawat nimo akong email? let me know lang ha kung when nimo pa install...:)

salamat sa paglabay...karon pako nagbalik ug blog hop...break ko ganina...hehehe!

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