Thursday, May 14, 2009

Biometrics Experience

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, May 12 is my biometrics schedule. I had my biometrics done in no time at all. My schedule was at 3:00pm but we were there early. Better be early than miss the appointment. When I came in to the USCIS office there was nobody there. I mean only the USCIS personnel no immigrants or whatsoever.

The guard on duty gave me the necessary papers to fill up and after that, he gave it to the biometrics technician. I had my finger printing and id picture taken and the technician gave me a survey form and after that I was done. I wanted to see the immigration officer though because I would like a stamp on my passport (for visa extension purposes). The immigration officer told me that the receipt notice was good enough and I don't need a stamp on my passport.

We were done around 2:30pm and then we decided to go to the Asian store nearby but we were unlucky because the store was temporarily closed and they will be back at 4:30. We could not wait that long... so we decided to go to the nearby seafood market and bought some fish heads... yes I bought fish heads! I didn't buy the whole fish because I still have some fish in our freezer.

We went home and spend the remaining hours (before Dave will be out from work) at Mom's. Dave picked us up... and that's the end of our long day.

Thanks Mom.... ( and Dan too for the very tasty smoked ham!)


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