Sunday, May 3, 2009


We had a visitor at our door today - a big Lab! The dog is a very sweet one. She is kinda limping though, when Dave checked her she has some old wound on her leg. Andrea just enjoyed the company of the Lab. When she saw the dog she got excited. She wanted to pet her. Dave has to make sure that the dog was okay before he let Andrea get near the dog (of course Dave was watching Andrea closely). Andrea has become pet-friendly now (with dogs and cats so far). She knows how to be gentle with the pets. We just need to teach Andrea that not all dogs or cats are good so she needs to be careful on some of them. It was so good to see Andrea with the dog today... she was just having a good time. The dog stayed in our doorsteps. When Dave open the door again the Lab was still there patiently waiting outside. I think we will have a regular visitor now.


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