Monday, May 4, 2009

Filipinos' Get Together

Filipinos love to get together to enjoy good food and good music. Karaoke singing is always a part of a Filipino gathering. Even those that can't sing will try to sing. If one sings horribly, you don't have a choice but to bear with his or her singing capability. Along with singing is the endless supply of food and yes liquor too! Attending a party with a lot of food, drinks and music is a tradition in the Philippines that most Filipinos still practice wherever he may be in the part of the globe.

Whenever I see karaokes for sale in the store, it always reminds me of the Philippines. I am surprised though that there are lots of American that owns a karaoke. Owning a karaoke means you also have to own variety of karaoke CDs that way visitors can choose different songs. It is always great to own the latest hit songs. Before buying any karaoke CDs be sure to know what your karaoke CD format your player supports.


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