Thursday, May 28, 2009

Home Protection

I moved here in the USA almost 3 years ago. Moving permanently to a different country is a big change. I left the family security that I had in the Philippines and started a new life here in the USA far from the comfort provided by my biological family. There was a lot of adjustments before I finally felt settled in.

My husband always worry whenever he goes to work because I was left alone in our place. The first few days he kept on reminding me to make sure that the doors were locked and to call 911 if something happens.

To make ourselves feel protected, we use bars and locks in our windows and we also use safety bolts in our main door as part of securing our place. With all these, I felt more secure being in our place while Dave is at work. I know it will be better to have a wireless security system installed in our place that is why I am looking for a package that will not hurt our budget.

Protect America is offering a copper package for only $29.95 a month. This package includes: Talking Control Panel, 1 Motion Detector, 3 Entry Points, Internal Siren and Door Chime, Battery Back-up, One Button Arming, 3 Window Decals, 1 Yard Sign. Since our place is just small, I think this package is perfect for our needs.

If you are looking for an affordable security system, you can call 877-470-2751. You can receive 2 key chain remotes for free with your order.



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