Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting Ready

I am excited to see my sister again. I know I will miss Dave but still I am excited to travel and spend a week with Menmen and Roger.

I am now getting ready, Mom Lori and Dan will pick us up and bring us to the airport in less than an hour. My flight will be at 4:10PM and we will be in Philadelphia at 7:19 (expected arrival time). I hope Andrea will be a good girl during the flight especially that it is just her and me.

Yeahhh! Vacation again for me! I will keep you guys updated with our escapades for sure! Take care everyone!


Arlyna said...

Lu, have a safe trip :). Don't forget to post about it. Take care.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I like your new blog lay-out. :)
Be safe always.

Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres said...

Enjoy your vacation!

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