Monday, May 11, 2009


I will have my biometrics tomorrow at 3pm. Dave won't be able to bring me there because he has work. Thankfully, Mom Lori is available so she will be my "personal chauffeur" tomorrow. I am really glad that I will have my biometrics already because this means one less to do, towards my continuous legal stay here in the USA. I couldn't wait to get my citizenship, that way no more hassles when it comes to the legality of my stay. But of course, that will still be few more years from now. At the moment, I have to concentrate on my Removal of Conditions. I wish my case will be transferred to California Service Center since it looks like they process Removal of Conditions fast. I know a few that were granted 10-year greencard in less than 3 months upon application. I am hoping that my case will be one of those. Wish me luck on my Removal of Conditions guys!


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