Monday, May 11, 2009

2009 NFL Draft

I didn't think that I could be a Football Fan. The first time, I watched it, I didn't understand why all the players are just pushing each other. The first time I watched the game on TV, I was feeling like "okay, whatever". After few explanations of the football rules, I started to understand it and since last year, I became a big football fan. I like the college football better than the professional football. I still watched the NFL and my favorite team is the Steelers.

The love of the fans for football (especially in the South) is amazing. I couldn't believe how they take the game so seriously. Well, in the Philippines there is no football so I couldn't relate. After being an avid fan of the sports, I started to understand why. Football is somehow a part of living.

I was following the 2009 NFL Draft because Matthew Stafford is one of my favorite college QB. I was astonished as to how much TV coverage the NFL Draft gets. They even provide a countdown for it. The result of the top pics of the NFL draft is not really surprising because there were projections on whose gonna be on the top. There were published 2009 NFL Mock Draft which more or less 50% accurate.

This year's draft was my first experience of monitoring how does an NFL draft goes. I am looking forward for next year's draft and I will for sure take a note of Doc Sports NFL Mock Draft.


FishHawk said...

Coverage of the NFL has steadily increased over the years, and now it bordering upon becoming downright ridiculous. For I consider myself to be as big of a fan as one can be, but a countdown to the NFL draft is going way too far.

P.S.: I hope Stafford and your Steelers do well, but...GO COWBOYS!!!

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