Friday, April 24, 2009

We are on our way to Mobile!

While doing this entry, I am using my laptop while Dave is driving the car. I think I should be thankful that I am using a wireless connection. We have been travelling for the past 3 hours. In a couple of hours we will be in Mobile. This is a last minute decision to leave tonight. Although we have planned on going to Mobile, we didn't plan it to be this weekend. Dave can only make the trip if he does it this weekend because of his work. So, without much prepartion we decided to leave tonight. I usually pack a day or two ahead whenever we go for a trip because there is always so much to pack especially having a baby but for this trip I made a last minute packing which I did in less than 30 minutes... that is a record for me!

Anyway, I will be updating you guys with our Mobile escapades. I can't wait for Andrea to enjoy the beach!


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