Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Somali Pirates

Few years back, there were already lots of Filipino seamen that were victims of Somali pirates. The recent news of the successful rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips was really a good news

Today's news though announced that more ships were hijacked by Somali pirates in less than 24 hours. They raided a ship that was nearby the Gulf of Aden. The recently hijacked MV Irene has 21 to 23 Filipino crews.

There are so many Filipinos that work as seaman, actually my brother is one of them. Right now, my brother is off the sea. At least for the moment, I will not worry of his safety against the Somali Pirates. When he will be back working on the ship again, I will worry because for the past few times that he was working on the ship, they passes Gulf of Alden for a few times going to the Suez Canal.

I am hoping that this maritime piracy will be solved soon.


amiable amy said...

i hope so too...

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