Monday, April 13, 2009

Seasonal Allergy and its Alternative Remedies

It is spring, and flowers are blooming. Pollens are everywhere, in fact you can notice a lot of pollens in the car windshield. One of the most common health problems during spring time is the seasonal allergy.

I never had much problem with sneezing and runny nose when I was in the Philippines. But when I moved here in Alabama, I noticed that everytime it rains, my nose become clogged and then I will have a runny nose. My husband and I think that part of the reason why we have this kind of allergy is the pollens here in Alabama.

There is so much I need to know about seasonal allergy and its preventive measures. I am glad that Whole Foods Market, the leading natural and organic supermarket is running an allergy podcast. This series of podcast, explains some natural alternative remedies to seasonal allergy. The podcast also discusses about preventing allergies and its long term solutions.

If you have allergy problems, please tune in to allergy podcast sponsored by Whole Foods Market.


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