Friday, April 17, 2009

Mommy Moments: Sentimental Mommy Moment

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Sentimental Mommy Moment theme for this week. My baby Andrea Lorene Janiz Post is a premature baby and spent almost two months in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I know all the mommies can relate of how hard that was for me.

This was how Andrea looked like in the NICU... she has wires attached to her body to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. She has an IV. And she has to wear eyepads because she was undergoing jaundice treatment.

This was me just spending quality time. Visiting hours in NICU is regulated. I was a nervous mommy, well who wouldn't be if your daughter is in NICU?
This was few of our nightly visits to NICU. We never fail to visit Andrea in NICU the whole time she was there. We spend our Christmas 2007 and New Year's 2008 @ St. Vincent's Hospital NICU


Dhemz said...

woi very early post ah...hehehe...joke! thanks for sharing Mommy Lu..this reminds me to make mine too...hehhee!

I know how it feels to see you child like this Mommy Lu....Andrea has more meat than Akesha's when she was born....hehehhe!

Tapos she had wire all over the place too...murag mahugmo jud akong paminaw everytime mag visit me sa hospital....glad both our kids survive...and look at them now right? lihok kaayo...hehehehe!

Thanks for sharing again Mommy Lu!

Beth said...

I wouldn't know the feeling because my kids were not premature babies but I know how difficult it was for you because I felt so nervous whenever my kids are confined in the hospital.

I'm so glad that you're through it and enjoying your moments now with Andrea! :) take care!

Jes said...

mabuti k nga mommy na vi visit mo sya that time e...nungnaiwan sa ospital baby ko nde ko nga sya pede hawakan bintana lng ako silip =( huhuhu =) nweis here's mine -

I am Harriet said...

Oh wow.

Very sweet.

Chris said...

truly a sentimental moment indeed...
i cant imagine how hard it is not being able to be with your newborn for the first 2 months.

thanks for sharing your precious story with us!

Anzu's Mum said...

Oh yah i know the feeling even though i havent experienced it yet... but seeing babies inside the incubator melts my heart.. Nwei your baby looked so healthy in the first pic, medyo tabachingching na sya lol... lovely pics to cherish

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