Friday, April 17, 2009

Home Inspection

I know that our economy is down and so is the real estate business. Since real estate is at its low, it is a good time to buy a second home. Yes, you heard me right. It is a good time to buy a second home only if your finances will allow it. If you got the money to pay for it, then you are lucky because the price for houses now is very low.

Before deciding to purchase a new home, it is imperative that you require a professional inspection as part of the deal in purchasing a home. Although sellers prefer a no inspection contingency, because they can sell their house as-is. When this happens, a buyer cannot insist the seller to make any repairs that are not included in the purchase contract. A buyer might also face a huge risk in terms of buying a property with an unforeseen defect if it will not undergo a home inspection.

If you are planning to purchase a home in Austin, Texas, you need to contact an affordable home inspector. Infrared Property Inspections provides all areas of residential home inspection and is licensed (#8222) by the state of Texas. This company is known for its work quality in Austin home inspection. They carry specialized tools like digital cameras, IR cameras, a one of a kind circuit analyzer, combustable gas detector, carbon monoxide detector, and more. These tools helps in ensuring that the home inspection is very thorough. Acquire the services of Infrared Property Inspections and you will get what your money's worth.


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