Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Bathroom for our House

Everytime Menmen and I talked about our house which is under construction right now because we added up two additional rooms, we always discuss about how much we love to have a really big bathroom with glass tile. We always wanted a bathroom with enough space for a bathtub and separate shower. A big bathroom with vanity is not very common in our area, but since we are used to big bathrooms with vanities here we wanted to construct one. I know having a bathroom with beautiful glass tiles will really be wonderful.


amiable amy said...

wow....that is some pictures girl

Glenda said...

awww i dream to have big bathroom too in the future... when i get married. =D post pictures ate when its all done.

gwapaleysyus said...

would you still say it's beautiful if the main color for the bathroom is RED?

Anonymous said...

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