Thursday, March 5, 2009

Personalized Gift

Dave's birthday is coming up. I wanted to give him something that is not expensive yet has a sense of personal touch. I am out of idea. I could not think of a perfect one that he woul love to have.

Upon browsing the internet, I found, a website that offers custom embroidery. Perfect! I could make a personalized gift for my husband. The website offers a very easy way to make your own creation. All you just need to do is to select the product that you want to customize, make/edit your design (you can either make your own or choose from their template), order it and then they will deliver it to you. It is that easy! I can't wait to have the item in my hand.

I am also excited to tell my friend, who is expecting her first baby girl to check their personalized baby gifts. I am sure she will love to have those for her baby girl.


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