Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lost Luggage

Jojo (my brother) is home. Home meaning he is back from working as a seaman. He is still in Manila and will come home to Hanopol in few days.

His flight was Brazil to Amsterdam to Manila via KLM airlines. The infuriating part is he lost his luggage. It has been two days since he arrived yet up until few hours ago, the airline still couldn't trace where his luggages are. He had called the airline to follow-up about it but they said to wait for 21 days. Meaning to say, since he has been home for two days he has to wait for 19 more days. For me that is BS! Gosh 21 days to locate where the luggages are? That makes me grrrrrrr.

Anyway, we told Jojo to go to the airline office personally and demand that he doesn't have 21 days to wait. Will the KLM pay for his stay in Manila just to wait for the luggage? If that's the case, I should tell him to stay in a 5 star hotel...

I hope he can have his luggage soon. I know there are stuffs there that he would love to keep and some stuff that he would love to give to Mom.

I think he needs a lot of luck to get back his luggages though!


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