Monday, March 16, 2009

Luxury Ties

I was trying to be productive yesterday since we didn't have any plans at all. I arranged the clothes in our drawers. When I saw my husband's neckties, I remember that since we got married, I haven't bought him even a single tie. Although he don't use suit and tie often, I still think that he needed some ties once in a while for special or formal gatherings.

When I was looking at B.J Brand New Ties online store, I found some really nice ties that I would like for my husband to have. This online store offers excellent branded ties made from 100% silk.

I have chosen one design on their Luxury ties that I want my husband to have. It is a White Silver and Navy blue striped tie which is made of 100% silk. The freebie that I got with this selection? Free shipping!

Visit B.J. Brand New Ties online store and shop. Items are on sale right now.


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