Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just Names

I always envy those people with nice names. I always feel that my name sounds.. ewww! Our names in the family are mostly traditional. Only my two younger brothers has nicer names. You see our eldest is named Josefina, next is Marialita, then Sofronio, then Sylvia, then Pedro, then Salome, then Dolores, then Jerome and the youngest Jose Allen.

I always wish that my name is something like modern and perhaps two names. It was somewhat my obssession to have at least two names. When my elder sister Lita gave birth to their first son, I urged them to give the baby two names. So we ended up naming him Giles Kirby (nickname GILES). For their next kids they wanted to give them names that starts with G and K. So their second child is named Gerald Kent (nickname KENT) then the third is Gian Kerri (nickname GIAN) and their daughter is Gracci Kael (nickname GAGATZ)

With my elder brother Loloy, we of course wanted a modern name for their kids. Their first born is named Crissefiya Annezette ( nickname ACE). Her name was suppose to be Crissiefaye Anizette but Loloy forgot the spelling when he filled up the birth certificate form. Their second child is named Cassi Angelique (nickname CASSI) and their youngest is named Cleofe Andrienne (nickname Langlang).

Of course, my daughter has to have a modern name too... Andrea Lorene Janiz (nickname ANDREA)!


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